November 2013

This was the first time I noticed my digestion.  Its always been kind of irregular my whole life and I got accustomed to not noticing any patterns.  It’s always been an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.  But then in November I was having a bowel movement every morning, which is a pattern I’ve never experienced in my life.  It was exciting in a way because I felt “normal” for once, but it was somewhat off-putting because there was tension building.  I was noticing that each day was was less and less satisfying.  I felt like not everything was coming out.  All my life i’ve experienced days between BMs and then experiencing something massive pass through that was extremely satisfying (and often painful.)  Now things were different.  My abdomen was building a noticeable density.  I can remember not wanting to eat on Thanksgiving because I felt already full.  But, of course, when I smelled that turkey, I ate, but felt worse after.